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Bad Guy Theme Song
"I'm an evil d-bag, tall and mean!
Here is my hand and here is your spleen.
When the good guy gets here, I will scream,
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Bandit Kitty! by Blizzardshard Bandit Kitty! :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 0 0 Brothers in Arms by Blizzardshard Brothers in Arms :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 4 0
Once Upon a Time [One Shot]
"I'm going to tell you a story, and you're going to stay there and listen. Got it, Eustass-ya?" He paused, but there was no reaction. He wasn't expecting one, really. "Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. They were complete opposites, in both actions and words. He was calm and collected, never taking the bait but never running away. She was loud and brash and in your face, the first one to insult you but also the first to run to your aid.
"Every interaction between them involved an argument. Even if it was the stupidest thing, they'd bicker and fight about it because that's what they did. There was a certain fondness for their daily struggle, at least on the boy's side. He found himself falling in love with her and eventually told her.
"She laughed in his face and told him that she'd never like a guy who was so stiff and cold. When she walked from the room, she walked from his life. Fast forward years later, and that boy became a man. He grew a beard, got tattoos, and was atte
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Edwin Hiding by Blizzardshard Edwin Hiding :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 2 0 D'aw by Blizzardshard D'aw :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 1 0 Her new pillow by Blizzardshard Her new pillow :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 1 0 Napping Alex by Blizzardshard Napping Alex :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 0 0 Alex Signature by Blizzardshard Alex Signature :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 0 0 Flamel Symbol by Blizzardshard Flamel Symbol :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 1 0 She's hiding... by Blizzardshard She's hiding... :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 3 0 Alex's close up! by Blizzardshard Alex's close up! :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 2 0 New Kitty! by Blizzardshard New Kitty! :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 2 0 Bandit... Again! by Blizzardshard Bandit... Again! :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 0 0 Bandit! by Blizzardshard Bandit! :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 2 3 Sly Cooper Icon by Blizzardshard Sly Cooper Icon :iconblizzardshard:Blizzardshard 0 0


Special World [Law X Reader (Fluff)]
Vibrant hues of red, green, and yellow globed over the sea of water droplets as they slid down your shoulders, across your arms, and into the air before gliding to the ground. Your upper limbs were extended in a helicopter formation; your lower limbs were engaged in either a tip-toe rotation or pulled up a 90 degree angle. Water glistened on your upturned face. The only thing that could possibly outshine the glorious scene was the glowing smile that was penned across your mouth. 
The heavy sigh of your Captain was audible over the soft tapping of rain that enveloped the otherwise empty street.
"What the hell are you doing, _______-ya?" Law demanded, his voice a mixture of exasperation and confusion. You didn't answer for a moment, completing your one-foot spin and sending water droplets shooting in an arc from your outstretched arms, before facing him. A massive smile played on your lips as you tilted your head.
"Messing around, reliving childhood, all the stuff you're supposed to
:iconunderseagalaxies:underseagalaxies 305 88
The Straw Hat Crew by ViktoriaHristova The Straw Hat Crew :iconviktoriahristova:ViktoriaHristova 148 29 Comm. Skunks by Mother-of-Trolls Comm. Skunks :iconmother-of-trolls:Mother-of-Trolls 191 30 summer night by minland4099 summer night :iconminland4099:minland4099 360 64 cat by maaaxxxi cat :iconmaaaxxxi:maaaxxxi 379 32 The World is Mine by mydigitalmind The World is Mine :iconmydigitalmind:mydigitalmind 456 90 Hurr? by Icegoddesswolf16 Hurr? :iconicegoddesswolf16:Icegoddesswolf16 9 8 Amazon Power by pacificdreams Amazon Power :iconpacificdreams:pacificdreams 236 37 Kid,Luffy, Law by makiyoshika Kid,Luffy, Law :iconmakiyoshika:makiyoshika 102 19 Trafalgar Law by Yochiru-29 Trafalgar Law :iconyochiru-29:Yochiru-29 622 67 The end of patience by emiru-zvezdanut The end of patience :iconemiru-zvezdanut:emiru-zvezdanut 594 66 Oh bother.. by Mcgooen Oh bother.. :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 779 183 Commission for ShenlinRose by Mcgooen Commission for ShenlinRose :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 1,498 192 Sleep by KeeperOfTheGreyGates Sleep :iconkeeperofthegreygates:KeeperOfTheGreyGates 79 39 Submarine by Jeannette11 Submarine :iconjeannette11:Jeannette11 228 68



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